The Plague at Camp Nightmare

The Plague at Camp Nightmare is looking for a new location, but in the meantime, enjoy our story!

The Plague is an indoor haunted house attraction in NC designed, built, and operated by Big T Productions Inc. 

The World has been consumed by The Plague. No one knows the source, or the cure. Survivors have fled to rural areas, creating small villages and encampments. One of these villages is known as Camp Nightmare, and it is run by a scientist named Yorick.

But no one has ever seen Yorick or the children. They remain inside the old factory, and have never been seen outside its walls. Assistants maintain the property, and remain silent about what happens inside. 

The Plague is one of the scariest Haunted Houses in NC, and is designed with nothing but the best Hollywood effects and props. 

You won't see a lot of Halloween Store props in here as we design and build many of our own props, or have our props built for us by professional prop houses. 

We use lots of special effects and professional audio and lighting throughout to make this the best themed attraction in the area. 
Come see what all the excitement is about - its infectious!

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If you have questions for the team at Big T Productions, Inc, you can contact us at the email below.

Visitors that have been infected!

The Harvesters of Camp Nightmare

 Camp Nightmare is a haunted attraction in NC designed, built and operated by Big T Productions Inc. 

Yorick hired a number of harvesters to find him fresh, live "patients" to test his new vaccine on. They roam through the woods at night looking for those who have wandered off the roads, and bring them back to the lab under the darkness of the woods.

The camp is their base, and no one dares to travel through this part in fear they will never be seen again. Bodies can be seen hanging in the trees, and the sounds of the harvesters and the harvested can be heard throughout the night.
Beware as you travel through the camp, and be careful to stay on the main road. Venturing off the road into the camps is strongly discouraged!

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